Remote education will be made available for all Further and Higher Education learners as necessary due to the covid-19 pandemic. This will include timetabling specific sessions remotely due to current restrictions, supporting any learners self-isolating and diverting to full remote provision in the event of any lockdown.

Live and recorded sessions will be delivered by platforms including Microsoft Teams, Google classroom and Zoom in line with existing timetabling and any assessments/external exams will be conducted/adjusted in line with awarding body guidance.

All students are expected to participate in remote learning and will be fully supported by staff to do so.

Staff will liaise with individual students and parents to ensure they have appropriate equipment and offer support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment to study. We will continue to offer learning support for students with SEND.

Club Doncaster Sports College is committed to helping our learners achieve in these extraordinary times and ensuring their safety and welfare is paramount.